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our roots

My muffin obsession began when I had kids and I became responsible for feeding hungry mouths other than my own.  Although I've always been a healthy eater and knowledgeable about nutrition, I have a weakness for bread and chocolate.  I've never been opposed to a soft doughy bagel in the morning and a bar of rich dark chocolate to end the day right.  My love of bread and chocolate could squash a square meal before it had the chance to find its place on the table.

But as my babies grew into little people with big personalities who graduated to eating solid foods, it became important for me to choose nutrient rich, low sugar options when feeding their little bodies. Not just because I thought they deserved the best nourishment possible but I also wanted to minimize the chances of them turning into big whiney child-beasts throughout the day.

I learned at a young age how sugar in the foods we eat affects blood sugar and thus attitude and behavior by having a sister with juvenile diabetes. I knew exactly when her blood sugar was high because I felt the wrath of that high blood sugar land upon me as her little sister.

So although my kids are not diabetic I believe a similar principle applies when it comes to what we all put into our bodies.  Essentially it's a garbage in, garbage out situation and I don't like garbage (or prickly attitudes).  

Not only did I want to avoid the sugar rush/sugar crash scene with my kids, but as a working mom I didn't have time to prepare breakfast and clean up a bunch of dishes before the day really kicked into full throttle. I needed something easy and super healthy that my kids would happily eat and that I could (and would) scarf down with my latte on my way into the office.

The final piece of the puzzle was my husband who isn't always the healthiest eater. He likes things that taste good, period.  If it doesn't taste good it doesn't go into his mouth even if it is good for him.

So I had a range of criteria to solve for when it came to finding healthy breakfast and snack options my whole family would eat.  And this is where my muffin experiment began.